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Do you squeal with delight at the smell of fresh sizzling bacon in the morning? Are you perhaps bored by the same lunchtime offerings in Hogtown? If so, trot down to Leslieville for an eating experience that will be an epiphany in your life. You will not turn back, you will have no regrets, and the pig inside you will thank you ever more!

We opened the doors of Rashers in November 2012. Our founding principal was to be a purveyor of the highest quality bacon sandwiches to help the mind, belly and soul. Made with only the freshest ingredients, our sandwiches are uniquely made with a blend of only the best ethically sourced pork from a local farm, delicious bread containing no preservatives, and special sauces made in-house and packed with tonnes of flavour. In fact, our sauces have enough secret ingredients to make a Colonel jealous...

Based in Leslieville in Toronto's East End, we are a locally owned and independent business that takes pride in piggy-backing on to local events through sponsorship and participation. Where possible we like to donate to local charities or sponsor local sports teams (and who wouldn't want a pig on their jersey?), and are often seen at school fairs or other community events. All staff at Rashers live, work and play in the Leslieville area so whatever you spend in our shop remains local and helps to build a strong local community too. 

So, raise your snout in the air, follow the delicious aroma permeating around you and please come and visit us. Whether a morning meeting, a business lunch, or a broader event such as a birthday or wedding we will take care of your full hog-licious catering requirements! 

All our bacon is sourced locally from Perth Pork Products. They are a family run farm that has been producing the highest quality pork products since 1979.

Our bread is delivered daily by Ace Bakery who bake their bread with no preservatives and use only the finest, simplest quality ingredients.

Strip bacon comes from the belly of the pig, peameal bacon comes from the back & British bacon is a combination of back & belly.