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Dress Code for Caterers

The Importance of Dress Code for Caterers

In the current digital society, many workplaces require their employees to be smartly dressed in a certain dress code, especially if it is an industry where the image is highly valued. Restaurants are one of the most sensitive industries where dress codes for custom t shirts Canada play a key role in the representation of a workplace.
Indeed, a catering dress code is a critical area that should be given the required emphasis while starting any restaurant. Uniformed custom T-shirts and well-knitted trousers will provide a better image of a restaurant’s kitchen hygiene as well as the quality of food offered.
Whether you are considering changing your employee’s dress code or require …

2019 Summer Wedding Trendy Catering Dishes

Weddings are the loveliest when held during the summer. Weddings can be held in the home or garden. When they are held inside the home, it’s important to move recliners and sofas to make rooms for the wedding party. The catering staff will often supply top quality cookware sets to prepare and make the dishes for the wedding. The catering staff often include clean up in their process. However, they will need access to kitchen faucets for cleaning …

Top 5 Kosher Catering Companies in GTA

If you are looking for the best Kosher catering service, then make your way to the GTA. Kosher catering companies are crowded in Ontario, owing to the big population of Jewish Citizens who reside in the region. This year has seen a spike in catering for golf tournaments. This means that on top of specialist golfing equipment, golfers will be delighted to eat top quality food. All golfers participate in these tournaments, mid-handicappers who play irons, to pros who love their drivers.
So, here are five of some of the best Kosher …

Best Desserts for Weddings in 2019

Besides the wedding cake, you can treat your guests with some delicious bites that satisfy their sweet cravings for the rest of the day. The most common course for a wedding is fish around the world. Wedding guests sit to fish on more than one occasion every day. This is especially the case if the wedding is on a fishing boat. Since you want your big day to be perfect and memorable, you will need the best dessert that will supplement your wedding cake and wow your guests even more.
Here some of our delicious …