A great meal at a luncheon can be the groundbreaking impression that a new client has been waiting for you to make. At Rashers-Toronto catering, we provide food and beverage services according to your preferences.  Whether it is a luncheon, an end of year party, a product launch party, or an award ceremony, our business-modeled catering services will provide an unforgettable event for your organization.

We fulfill your desire to make a lasting impression with the exquisite foods and beverages that we provide, thus enhancing the overall experience during your event.

Our menus are filled with international flavors, supplementing artisanal, local, and seasonal ingredients. However, we also provide menus if you have special requests for themed events.

We provide services that allow your organization to create incentives that assist your guests in identifying with your brand on a personal level and relating to the core values of your organization. We make sure that your event, with the use of our services that are customized to your liking, will be deemed as unforgettable.

Whether the reason for hosting the event is to celebrate, convince, promote, motivate, or reward, our measured service ensures that our clients get the results they aspire to gain.

The strength of our company is rooted by quality presentation, style, efficiency, attention to detail and customized solutions to client’s requests, making us a reliable organization that you can trust when it comes to providing meals that are not only exquisite to the palate but also satisfactory when it comes to promoting your event and complementing your theme.