Best Desserts for Weddings in 2019

Besides the wedding cake, you can treat your guests with some delicious bites that satisfy their sweet cravings for the rest of the day. Since you want your big day to be perfect and memorable, you will need the best dessert that will supplement your wedding cake and wow your guests even more.

Here some of our delicious desserts you can add to your wedding menu.

Chocolate Cassis Tulips

Made with blueberries, hibiscus syrup, and mint powder, these incredible desserts can be airbrushed with different shades that match your wedding colors. They are light but rich in flavor, making them great complementary treats.

Tiramisu Terrine

This dessert is prepared with nougat crunch, meringue kisses, chocolate hazelnut, merlot cassis, red berry jelly, matcha sakura, and almond butter sponge. It is as delicious as it looks, and it combines different flavors and textures that are pleasant to the palate.

Rhubarb Berry Tart

The rhubarb berry tart combines rhubarb compote, strawberry mousse, blackberry jelly, pastry cream, and white chocolate crumble to create an enjoyable dessert. It provides the ideal treat for summer weddings.

The Butter Milk Panna Cotta

A mixture of honeycomb, raspberry sorbet, crispy meringue, and candy sunflower seed form this mouth-watering dessert that will keep your guests satisfied. The dessert is fresh and light and has a beautiful presentation.

There are a lot of great wedding desserts as well, but these 4 will definitely be a big hit this 2019.

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