Commercial Fryers

Tricks To Improve Efficiency Of Commercial Fryers

To bring out the best from your commercial air fryers in Canada, you will need to apply several tricks for efficiency improvement.  High returns are achieved in terms of profits because production is increased. This is achievable because the life of fryer oil is extended. The use of Air Fryers is maximized for commercial purposes to increase the output. The following tips have been compiled from Picto fryer manufacture.

  • Preparing A Commercial Fryer


  • The fryer oil should be carefully poured into the frying pot making sure there is no overfill. This prevents serious burns, oil degradation, and unexpected kitchen fires.
  • Soapy water or fryer cleaners should be used to clean the frying pot. This is to remove residue that might have piled up during shipping or the manufacturing process.
  • Fill the frying pot with water and bring it to boil for 15 minutes, let it cool down, and empty it. Also, ensure you wipe it dry and leave it to air dry for a couple of hours.
  • Ensure you immediately fill it with oil to prevent the development of rust.
  • The kitchen floor should be covered with slip-resistant mats. This prevents injuries because oil splatters make the floor very slippery.


  • Preparing Food For Commercial Fryers


  • To ensure cooking is done evenly, bring the oil to a temperature of 350 degrees which is ideal for proper cooking.
  • Fry baskets should be filled over the bin to catch crumbs. Food sentiments will build up and if not well managed, the fryer efficiency is reduced. Your food will be ruined because of the burnt taste introduced to the oil.
  • For proper frying, fry baskets should be filled to a level of ½ or ¾. Also, food will not be thrown from the basket while cooking.


  • Safety And Efficiency When Cooking With A Commercial Fryer


  • The first food basket should be placed in the frying pot in relation to its temperature probe. Elements will be turned up by the sensor as the temperature of the fryer oil is brought down by the food. A heat pulse is generated for maintaining the selected temperature.
  • The second basket should be added after a few minutes.
  • Ensure the food is thawed properly before frying. It prevents ice build-up on the product’s outer part. This ice is dangerous as it can cause huge oil spatters leading to burns.
  • The product should be seasoned in a dump station but not in the frying pot.


  • Keeping A Commercial Fryer In Optimal Condition
  • Fryer oil should be filtered daily to eliminate crumbs. Crumbs will degrade the oil after they carbonize.
  • A weekly scrubbing of the frying pot is recommended to eliminate debris sticking on the sides.
  • After changing oil wipe the frying pot using a brush and the recommended cleaner.
  • Remember to fill the frying pot with water. Boil it thoroughly, allow cooling to take place, empty the frying pot and dry it completely.


The discussed tips are recommended for efficiency improvement when dealing with commercial fryers. Air Fryers should be well maintained to produce quality food. Embrace these tricks and managing your fryer will be as easy as ABC.

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