Ways to Incorporate CBD in Your Favorite Food and Drinks

You can use CBD or cannabidiol in many everyday products, such as foods and drinks. You’ll not have a hard time combining it with your daily meals and drinks. Continue reading to know some foods and drinks you can incorporate cannabidiol and delta 8 gummies by exhale.

Salad Dressing

If you want to eat more healthily, salads are a great option. Depending on the fruits, vegetables, dressing, and other ingredients you use, you can consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. Adding cannabidiol to your salad is simple. Because salad dressings are often made of oil, you can get an ample amount of cannabidiol to add to your dressing and toss them together. Set it aside for up to 12 hours, and then, you can eat or serve it.

To make your salad with cannabidiol healthier, it’s best to choose a dressing with fewer calories. Any dressing that has a creamy consistency is likely to be unhealthy. That’s why it’s best to use dressing with a light oil such as honey, mustard, greek yogurt, and vinegar.


It’s very easy to combine cannabidiol and tea. Though there are tea bags that are mixed with cannabidiol, the options are limited. You can easily infuse cannabidiol with the loose-leaf tea you like. What you need is the hemp flower. This is the plant that has natural cannabidiol. You have the option to grind or cut it. You can add a small amount to your tea bag and steep it in boiling water like how you normally make your tea.


The ideal way to incorporate cannabidiol in your coffee is by cold brewing it. You make your coffee beans coarse by grinding them and putting them in a cup of water or pitcher. Allow it to sit for 12 hours until it is steeped and mixed completely. You add cannabidiol by mixing the grounded beans and water from the beginning. Cold brew coffee is better with cannabidiol because it doesn’t taste as bitter compared to boiling the beans.

You can also add cannabidiol to your hot coffee by using a French press or infuser mug. You just need to put about 1 ml of cannabidiol oil in your French press or infuser and mix the grounded coffee beans. Pour the boiling water and make your coffee like you usually do. Cannabidiol may not be as strong because of the heat.

Baked Treats

Though it’s easy to use cannabidiol with baked treats, you need to be careful. As mentioned, you need to use oil or fat when you combine cannabidiol in food. The good news is that these are common in baking.

You just melt your butter, add cannabidiol, and allow it to sit until it becomes cool and hard. After that, you bake as usual. You just have to remember not to allow cannabidiol-infused water to be in direct contact with heat.

Whether you are a restaurant owner and want to incorporate CBD into your meals on the menu, or you just enjoy cooking at home, follow the same methods if you want to try to incorporate cannabidiol in other foods and drinks. It can be a little challenging if there’s no fat or butter. But it’s still possible as long as you don’t expose cannabidiol for a long time in the heat.

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