Safety Impacts of CBD in the Food and Drink Industry

Ever since the popularity of Cannabidiol, almost everyone has been trying to tap into the wellness benefits of using CBD. Unsurprisingly, the food and drink industry is not left out of the CBD boom. Many CBD startups are emerging and have started to incorporate CBD in the production of food and beverages. Even though these edibles and drinks are getting very popular, there’s still a lot to say about the safety impacts of CBD in the food and industry relationship.

It’s now very easy to find CBD chocolate bars, seltzer, gummies, beer, coffee, and other beverages in several stores, whether online, in drug stores or even in supermarkets. Although this CBD-infused food and drinks may taste great, one prevalent question that’s quite difficult to answer is whether it is safe for consumption or not. First of all, CBD may be legalized, but there are still regulations guiding the use of CBD, especially in food and drinks. Some of the arguments for the safety of CBD in food and drinks that many food and drink manufacturers talk about include:

  • Adding CBD in food and drinks can help deal with anxiety and depression.
  • CBD-infused food and drinks aid concentration and increases the level of productivity
  • CBD food and drinks may provide calming effects that are necessary for people with ADHD or who are hyperactive.
  • Consuming CBD-infused food and drinks may help improve the quality of sleep and makes it very easy to relax.
  • CBD in food and drinks can help with treating cancer and other cancer-related conditions.
  • CBD-infused food and drinks are a much better alternative to alcohol and other harmful drugs.
  • Regular consumption of CBD products can help improve the skin and promote a healthier appearance.
  • Consumption of CBD-infused food and drinks may help people who are dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, or muscle soreness.

While these arguments are valid, it’s still hard to ascertain if it’s truly safe to add CBD as a food or drink additive. Although CBD is legal, its safety impacts are relatively unknown hence it isn’t recognized by the FDA as an acceptable food or drinks additive. This is because no substantial scientific evidence shows that consuming CBD-infused food and drinks is safe. For one, it may be hazardous to consume CBD in large quantities, and some of these foods/drinks may contain CBD in very high amounts. Secondly, while CBD is relatively safe, other ingredients in the food or drink might not interact well with the CBD component, which can cause some unpleasant side effects.

These side effects can result in liver complications, dizziness, pregnancy complications, and other health issues. As CBD products are becoming very popular in the food catering industry, their safety impacts in the food and drink industry are still murky and a bit difficult to conclude. However, one thing is certain: CBD products and their incorporation in the food and drink industry have come to stay. People will continue to seek this food and drinks due to their health and therapeutic benefits.

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