At Rashers-Toronto Catering, we have over fifty-five full-time employees that include managers, chefs, drivers, planners, cleaners, and technicians. Here is a list of the top professionals at Rashers catering.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

David Budd

Budd was raised in the catering industry in Montreal before moving to Toronto to work as a chef for 15 years.  He has hands-on experience in the kitchen and managerial offices. He is passionate about catering services and always insists on full customer satisfaction.

Vice CEO and Marketing Manager

Chris Savoric

Savoric is experienced in marketing, having worked as a marketing executive in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Aside from being a master in selling brands and building lasting relationships, he also has a listening ear.


Harvey Grills

Grills is the money guy of the company. He deals with numbers and has a vast experience in accounting, having worked as a bank manager in Toronto for ten years. He is a major in CPA and CA. Numbers are his strength, and he deals with them perfectly and with integrity.

Chief Chef

Tom Russel

Russel is the brains behind our delicious menus. He has been a master in the kitchen for 18 years and has worked with 5 Star Hotels in Canada and the United States. He has trained and worked with celebrity chefs such as Rob Feenie. He believes that quality service is doing what is ethically and professionally right without supervision.

Events Director

Lucas Arnolds

A master planner, Lucas is tasked with planning and organizing events for our clients. He has extensive experience in planning corporate events, weddings, and festivals in Canada. He is a high-profile event planner and was even featured in several wedding magazines.

Senior Event Planner

Beth Reddington

Beth is one of the first employees in the company when it was starting. She has grown with the company and has earned respect as one of the founding members of the company. Beth was planning events in the entertainment industry before switching to catering. She brings a wealth of experience in planning events and occasionally throws a helping hand for our entertainment team.