The standard menu at rashers catering is made from home-grown and seasonal ingredients that are supplemented with flavors from all over the world. We use the freshest produce that is sourced from local farms.

We have several customized menus, and you can order them by calling us today.

Cocktail receptions: for your next corporate or social event, impress your guests with our tasty bites and great cocktails. We prepare delicious bite-size snacks using the finest ingredients around the area.

Weddings: the food and its presentation on your wedding day receive as much attention as the bride’s gown. That is why we draft customized menus for weddings with an individualized objective. We offer a unique menu inspired by your interests and your family traditions. A complimentary tasting is available if you feel the need to.

  • BBQ menu: Enjoy a variety of our BBQ catering service. We can grill for you and your guests a variety of meaty menus, from backyard hotdogs and burgers to the upscale soirees. The options are plentiful and customizable to suit your interests.
  • Buffet and family style menu: if you want to create a personalized culinary experience, we have specialized experts that can guide you through a buffet. Our buffet menus accommodate all types of diet. We offer a diverse menu with a wide range of options.
  • Vegan menu: We also many meal options for vegans and vegetarians in our menu list.

Our service provision is driven by customer needs. Our menus cater for all types of diets and focus on the client’s preferences. We take our clients’ requests seriously and follow any instructions to the latter.