2019 Summer Wedding Trendy Catering Dishes

Weddings are the loveliest when held during the summer. So, it’s essential that you prepare trendy catering dishes to serve to your guests to achieve a perfect event.

Finding a favorable caterer for your summer wedding might be difficult though. Plus, it’s likely that the caterers during this time will likely serve the same dishes or stove tops. So, to keep things unique, these trendy catering dishes will surely leave a positive impact during your wedding day this summer:

Pacific summer circle: this dish is made with Cookstown seedling, white radish, candied sockeye salmon, and preserved lemon dressing.

Albacore Tuna Ceviche: a summer cuisine prepared with ramp aioli, lemon oil, pickled asparagus, and Jerusalem artichoke chips. It is a light dish that, making it a perfect appetizer.

Harissa Spiced Cornish Hen: topped with burnt eggplant relish and dill sour cream. It is a classic main meal used in many weddings, but the harissa seasonings and dill sour cream make it a memorable meal.

Whole Roasted Sea Bass: coupled with olive, lemon, capers, and charred tomato. It is a family style dish that can be shared among your guests.

Late Harvest Stone Fruit Salad: this dish is available for a very short period in the summer. It is a light dish consisting of heirloom tomato confit, charred Ontario peach, pickled fennel ribbons, toasted pine nuts, red radish, goat cheese crumble, whipped basil puree, and cider mustard vinaigrette.

Modern Nicoise: this a vibrant summer salad made of purple potatoes, quail eggs, black olive dusted tuna, kumato tomato, pickled shallots, haricots vert, lemon-dill vinaigrette, and baby gem lettuce.

The list for the new summer dishes is endless, but the above will most definitely be great additions to your wedding menu this summer.

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