Rashers-Toronto Catering was established in 2005 to provide catering services to organizations, brand companies, and individuals. The company aims to produce the best and most luxurious events but at affordable prices. Today, we provide catering services in over 5000 events every year in Toronto and surrounding areas.

A team of professionals has since been congregated to assist in planning the catering services in our client’s gala events, weddings, corporate gatherings, cocktail parties, and other social gatherings. We also understand the different dietary and cultural needs, and that is why we have measures that accommodate all of these.

Our company was founded when we found out that our little base of customers was satisfied with the services that we provide. The success of our company is based on our passion for quality catering service and making people happy and satisfied during their events.

The core principles of our company include time management, quality and stylish presentation, efficiency, attention to detail, and professional service. We create initiatives that help our clients identify with our brand and produce desirable results that reflect the mission and visions of your event.

Here at Rashers Toronto Catering, we aim to provide more value than the client’s expectations and deliver customized solutions to the customer’s needs.