Among the core values in our company is the protection of the environment. At Rashers – Toronto Catering, we utilize environmentally friendly methods and technologies to provide our services. We are committed to proper waste management by separating food, glass and tin, cardboard waste, oils, and other wastes and dispose of them accordingly.

Most of our utensils are made of compostable materials such as palm or corn husks, which help us reduce the amount of plastic waste, thus helping the environment.

Our main office and outlets are designed with eco-wise technologies that reduce our carbon footprint as well. We have several electric cars for small deliveries too.

We work with partners and clients that have made an effort to practice sustainable development. Tenders for supplies are awarded to companies or factories that use renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind.

Rashers-Toronto Catering has partnered with several local based environmental organizations, and we occasionally donate to Green Institutes to further our cause.